Cleaning and caring for your natural stone is caring for your investment. It must be done from the start and regularly.

Regular Maintenance
Depending on the use, the type of water and the environmental conditions, the protective water and oil repellent coatings applied may lose efficiency. Therefore, we recommend the application, when the stone needs it, of the treatment based on the special detergents and products mentioned above.

Repair of minor damage and removal of stains and chemical damages from the stone.
There are stone restoration kits on the market specifically designed to solve most of the problems caused by the use or installation of the stone, such as small dents or scratches on the surface, stains caused by descalling products or acid attacks and general loss of the initial appearance due to improper maintenance.
Specific maintenance for polished marble.
Polished marbles may lose all or part of its shine with the passage of time, especially in areas of intensive contact with water and soaps. If maintained properly with the recommended neutral detergents, this problem will take longer to appear, but, in any case, it could be solved by applying on the damaged areas one of the repair kits available on the market. For very severe cases, a professional polishing may be necessary.


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