Natural stone is extremely sensitive to certain products, and that is why it is necessary to take care of it properly from the start, above all if it is exposed to the weather.

Recommendations before first use
After installing the piece, to ensure its protection and optimal duration, we recommend a complete treatment of the piece through the application of the various recommended products that can be easily found in the market, and that must be applied following the product’s instructions.

The cleaning process consists of an in-depth cleaning of the piece with a neutral detergent, specially formulated for use on stone; followed by a treatment based on water repellent and oil repellent products (also with various options in the market) that penetrate the stone and help to preserve moisture, prevent the formation of mildew and significantly reduce stains without altering the natural appearance of the stone.

Regular Cleaning
Regular cleaning can be done with any of the neutral detergents recommended for the cleaning of natural stone, diluted in water according to dirt and following the instructions of the product.
It is advisable to dry the piece with a cloth to prevent water lime spots.
We strongly discourage the use of detergents, products containing acids of any kind, alcohol and, especially, anti-scaling products which would seriously, and sometimes even irreversibly, damage the stone.


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